Career Development


We believe it is part of Lyons Davidson’s role to assist all our staff in developing their potential.

We do this by focusing on a number of skills:
• Technical, factual knowledge;
• Awareness of how this is applied in practice in a commercial setting; • Development of analytical skills;
• Understanding of commercial life.

These are all essential personal capital for every member of staff. These skills support your progress and promotion in the firm and, if you leave, your ability to pursue a successful career elsewhere. If you are keen and want to learn – and we would not take you on if we thought otherwise – we will help.

Following a comprehensive induction, we operate a formal training programme to take you forward and we also arrange appropriate bespoke training wherever this is helpful.  We use internal and external speakers and trainers. We cover technical legal issues and new legal and regulatory developments, commercial practice and accounting matters, and more general, essential skills including negotiation, public speaking, marketing and presentation.

We aim to make the programme fun, valuable and challenging.